Letter of Recommendation

We highly recommend Mr Kasim Ahmadzai, who is a highly competent and skilled roof repaairman.

He has worked for our family over the years, and we have been very satisfied with his high standard of labour.

He is also a very helpful and obliging person and it is a pleasure to work for him.


Maria and Adam Kohn


To who it may concern

I would like to recommend Mr Kasim Ahmadzai as an honest, reliable and primarily very efficient roof repairer and handyman.

For years we have been plaqued by a leak in our roof, the location of which could not be ascertained. We had engaged several repairers selected from the internet, yellow pages and locally. However they could not help us. The damage and the cost was considerable. This is where Mr Ahmadzai came in. He was successful in repairing the leaking roof and giving us some respite. I think this is the best recommendation one could ask.

Eric Ney, Vermont South


Dear Kasim of B Safe Roofing

I would like to thank B Safe Roofing of Wantirna for their workmanship and courteous attention to my roof problems.

During the torrential downpours that have hit I have sustained roof damage and internal ceiling water damage.

I contacted your company, B Safe Roofing late on saturday afternoon. You took the time to speak to me and did not dismiss me which I found reassuring. You cam within the next two days to give me a quote and start date.

The work commenced on the agreed date and was carried in a professional manner with all rubbish removed from the house and garden on completion. I was very happy with the price and workmanship.

I will and would recommend B Safe Roofing of Wantirna to anyone who needs roof repairs and maintenance, and will happily speak with anyone who wished to have a verbal reference.

Please be assured that any further maintenance to my terracotta roof will be carried out by your company but thanks to your great workmanship that may take a while.

Thank you again Kasim

M Billington, Wantirna South


To whom it may concern,

I wish to state that My Ahmadzai did the spouting on my roof, he also repaired the roof.

I found him an honest and courteous person, he also made sure that the job was well done and to my satisfaction.

Mrs N Gardiner