Why do I need my roof inspected when it's not leaking?

For the same reason that you get dental and medical checkups. We don't know if there is a problem until the experts take a look.

A roof inspection no, can potentially save you expensive repair costs in the future. Problems cannot always been found by looking at your roof from the ground. It's best that a trained eye gets up on your roof and takes a proper look.

If you would like to have a look for yourself, read our DIY inspections guide.


What can go wrong with my roof?

Roofs are subject to wear and tear just like other parts of your home. They often go unnoticed until something goes wrong.

All roofs should be inspected at least once every two years for any general wear and tear, damage caused by a person or by nature.

Your tiles can corrode over the years as they are subject to damage from sun, rain, hail and wind. Valleys can rust over time if not protected from the elements. Cement pointing can also corrode and crumble over time and all these problems end up with a leaking, crumbling roofs.

Roofs made of terracotta or cement tiles have been waterproofed by glazing or painting. Over time, weather conditions, including UV light, extreme heat and cold, rain and hail causes the paint or glaze to eventually fade and wear off and the tiles are left exposed to those extreme weather conditions. Exposed tiles start to corrode and soak up water. This then makes the tiles very heavy and can cause the underlying roof structure to bow. Exposed tiles also become weak and the possibility of breakage is eminent.

Metal roofs without protection can rust through, allowing water to enter the roof space.



How much does a new roof cost?

That depends on many factors:

  • What material will be used to build your roof?
  • Is the structure of your roof still in good enough condition to support these new materials?
  • How big is your roof?
  • How high is your roof?
  • How much safety equipment is required to secure your roof for our installers?

Because of all these factors we cannot tell you here how much it will cost. A free no-obligation quote is the best way to go for you to get the answer to this question.


Why is my brand new roof leaking?

Even new roof tiles can have tiny hairline cracks that can go un-noticed during installation. Over a short amout of time, due to rain and wind, these cracks can errode. A very small leak can be absorbed by your insulation and you may not know it's happening, until one stormy night there's so much rain that the insulation can no longer absorb the rain water. Then you will start to notice staining on your ceiling. Once the damage gets to this point you are up for hundreds of dollars to repair / replace and repaint your ceiling. Regular roof inspections can find the cracks before they become a major problem.


Why is moss and lichen a problem?

Moss and lichen can crack your tiles. If fixes itself to the tile surface and slowly grows into tiny pores in your tiles. As it grows bigger the pores become cracks and the cracks eventually let water in.

Moss and lichen growing on metal roofs can fill valleys to the point wher rain water is sitting at the same level as the overlaps in the sheeting, it can sneak under the overlaps and into the roof space.