Free Roof Inspection

It's only when the rain and high winds come that we give a thought to the security of our roof. With winter on it's way we all want to ensure that our home can withstand the elements. 

You can wait until you have a leak before you attend to your roof, or you can take action now to avoid costly repairs down the track. 

We're only a phone call away to help you feel at ease. So make the call and we will come and inspect your roof FREE inside and out. If we discover there is a problem (which 50% of the time is NOT the case)  we will provide you with a genuine, free, fair and detailed quote.

If you would like to inspect your own roof, please refer to our DIY Inspection page. It contains lots of information to help you assess the status of your own roof. Please keep in mind that your safety is of the utmost importance, so please do not skip the safety notes we provide. 

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